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Most of my posts here are reblogs often related to Islam and the many cultures influenced by it. Peace be upon you :)


Lama Younis: Rethinking psychology and personal empowerment in the Middle East

“I’m not a fashion designer, a blogger or a baker. I’m a criminologist, forensic psychologist and trauma therapist.”
As a children’s rights activist and the first Saudi female forensic psychologist and criminologist in the Middle East, Lama Younis is a shining example for women across the region to empower themselves and pursue their own dreams and destinies.
In December 2013, Younis established the Hissah Enrichment Center in Dubai – named on honor of her mother – that aims to enrich interpersonal, life skills, develop personal empowerment, and address and improve numerous psychological issues facing adults, youth and children.

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You’ll never regret being kinder with your mother.

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A circa 1926 autochrome image by Franklin Price Knott shows a group of men in M’Sila, Algeria.

Cairo - Le Caire - Al Qahira - القاهرة by Bled Runner on Flickr.